WordPress / WooCommerce

This page describes the installation procedure for owners of a WordPress website with the WooCommerce extension enabled.

Install the plugin

The plugin comes as a WooCommerce extension, make sure to enable WooCommerce to be able to install Colorlab in your WordPress store.

Visit WordPress.org to download the latest version of the plugin:

Colorlab Plugin on WordPress.orgDownload the plugin and install it
(Plugins -> Add new).

Open the plugin settings

  1. Log in to your Wordpress store
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce - Settings
  3. Click on the Colorlab tab

Configure the extension

  1. Enter your Colorlab Shop ID (displayed in the Settings page of the Colorlab Console)
  2. Enter a text for the Customize button (defaults to Customize this product)
  3. Enter a text for the customization link displayed in your shopping cart (defaults to Change customization)
  4. Save your configuration by clicking Save changes

Enable customization for a product

For every customizable product, you need to enable the app. Navigate to Products and add or edit a product.

Simple products

Variation products

Did your **Add to cart** button not change to a **Customize** button? Please contact Colorlab using the [Colorlab website](https://colorlab.io).