Magento 1

This page describes the installation procedure for owners of a Magento store (version 1.x).

Install the extension

Click the button below to download the extension for Magento 1.x.

Magento 1.x extensionDownload the extension and unzip it in your website's root directory.

Open the extension settings

  1. Log in to your Magento store
  2. Navigate to System - Configuration
  3. Open the Colorlab menu on the left

Configure the extension

  1. Enable the extension by choosing Yes in the enabled dropdown
  2. Enter your Colorlab Shop ID (displayed in the Settings page of the Colorlab Console)
  3. Enter a CSS-classname for your add to cart button (defaults to button.btn-cart which the app will use to change the add to cart button to a customize button)
  4. Enter a text for the customize button (defaults to Customize this product)
  5. Enter a text for the customization link displayed in your shopping cart (defaults to Change customization)
  6. Save your configuration by clicking Save config

Enable customization for products

For every customizable product, you need to activate the extension. Navigate to Catalog - Manage products and add or edit a product.

Did your **Add to cart** button not change to a **Customize** button? Please contact Colorlab using the [Colorlab website](