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Customizations are created by your customers in your store using the Colorlab app. Every customizable product that's added to the cart is available in the Colorlab Console, even if the customer did not order the products yet.

The Colorlab Console enables you to view every created customization and even change it from within the Console.

List of customizations

Navigate to the list of customizations using the navigation on the left hand side.

The list of customizations is ordered by last updated date, so the last updated customizations appear on the top of the list.

To search for a specific customization, enter a Customization ID or the name of a product.

Opening a customization

To view what the customer created, click on the Open button in the row of the customization you would like to review. This opens the app from within the Console, and enables you to make changes to the customers' customization.

Exporting a configuration

To export a configuration, click on the Export button in the row of the customization. This opens a pop-up that enables you to change the export settings before exporting.

For an explanation of all export settings, please take a look at the Export settings topic.

Click on the export button to generate the print ready file.