About Colorlab

Colorlab simplifies the process from customizing to printing products by integrating deeply with your current website or online store.


The Colorlab app is an extension that’s loaded in your store when a client wants to customize a product that you enable to be customizable.

Product detail pages of a customizable product show a Customize button instead of an Add to cart button. The customize button triggers the app to open, which will allow the customer to customize anything you have configured to be customizable in the app.

When the customer is ready customizing the product, an Add to cart button is available in the app which saves the customization and adds the product to the cart, just like regular products.

Along with the product that’s added to the cart, a customization ID is saved to your store which you can use to look up the customer’s customization in the Colorlab Console.


The Colorlab Console is the place where you log in to manage all your customizable products, created customizations, artwork and more.

Click here to open the Colorlab Console

All the customers’ customizations are available in the Colorlab Console when they are added to your store’s shopping cart - even if they are not ordered in the end.

This enables you to help customers contacting you with questions about customizing a product, and allows you to change their customization from within the Console.